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40 Top Technologies: The Future You Fly Today

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Technology Trivia

11 Attitude heading reference system (AHRS)   21 Small turbine engines   31 Satellite communications
12 ANR circuitry   22 Friction stir welding   32 Intracabin broadband access
13 Whole-airplane parachutes   23 Very light jets (VLJs)   33 Desktop flight simulation
14 Air bags   24 Graphical weather depictions   34 Online training
15 Touchscreen displays   25 Integrated cockpits   35 Affordable motion simulators
16 Digital com radios   26 Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)   36 Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)
17 Smart flight control systems   27 ASOS/AWOS   37 Autoland system
18 Ice-protection solutions   28 Lightning detection   38 Virtual cockpit
19 Multifuel engines   29 Side-stick controllers   39 Reusable rocket engines
20 Diesel engines   30 Bluetooth   40 Oxygen conservers

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We surveyed AOPA members via AOPA Online in early 2006, asking you to rank the top 10 technologies and to provide ideas on technologies we didn't include. What you see on these pages is a compilation of those results as presented in the August 2006 issue of AOPA Pilot. Now that you have had a chance to review the technologies yourself, tell us what you think. E-mail comments to